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All of MatDL’s services offer resources that are publicly viewable, downloadable, and reusable. It is not necessary to register as a MatDL user to perform these actions.

Please register at if you are interested in participating in MatDL as a means of:

  • disseminating your research and teaching resources developed as part of government funded projects through any of MatDL services such as the MatDL Repository or Wiki
  • utilizing collaborative workspaces, such as MatDL’s Wiki and MatForge, to develop and communicate research and teaching resources from your government funded work.

After you register at, a MatDL representative will contact you about participating in MatDL.

MatDL Services

  • MatDL Repository

    The MatDL Repository offers authoritative materials research and teaching resources including images, exercises, preprints, and interactive applets.

  • MatDL Wiki

    The MatDL Wiki is a publicly accessible, expert-community-driven site for scientific communication and dissemination with emphasis on soft matter.

  • MatForge

    MatForge is a Subversion/TRAC workspace for open access, collaborative development of materials modeling and simulation codes.

  • Virtual labs

    Currently available Virtual Lab lessons and applets are designed to reinforce understanding of the concepts of states, energy, degeneracy, entropy, and free energy.

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